Text formatting elements



<i> //italic

<em> //emphasized



<del> //deleted, line in the middle of the word.

<ins> //inserted, added line at the beneath the word.

<sub> //subscript 下角标

<sup> //superscript 上角标


Quotation and citation elements

<q> //quotation 引号,可用于引用

<blockquote> //which defines a quote section

<abbr> //defines an abbreviation or an acronym缩写

<dfn> //definition


<cite> //defines the title of a work 艺术品的名字

<bdo dir=”rtl”> rtl: right to left

ltr: left to right


Computer code elements

<kbd> //keboard input

<samp> //defines a computer output

<code> //defines a programming code but not preserve extra whitespace and line-breaks, what you need to do is to input the <pre> after <code>

<var> //defines a mathematical variable


Html comments


By using  <!– and –>

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